Canberra band supports CIT production course

Canberra band supports CIT live production students!

Not long after The Silky Six formed, we were asked to help out the  students studying the live production course at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). This course covers all aspects of live production including sound, lighting, video camera operation, rigging, stage craft, recording, editing, audio engineering, directing and television production. All of this is referred to as an Outside Broadcast or OB …..

Canberra band supports CIT live production students

Three of The Silky Six band members had graduated from various courses at the same CIT campus and it was a call from one of their former teachers that brought current students and band together for this production. As a favour to the staff and students at the CIT, the band performed for an afternoon giving the students   valuable experience and also giving the teachers a relaxed and realistic forum to assess their students’  work.

The students took turns in operating equipment, whether it was videoing, sound production, directing, lighting or follow spot operation. The band just played… and played…. and played… and continued to play as they all went about their respective tasks. It made for an enjoyable, fruitful and enlightening entertainment session!

Canberra band supports CIT students

The end result?…  The Silky Six walked away with a live production video and soundtrack and the students all walked away with a “pass” on their course (or at least we believe they all should have!). The Silky Six edited the students’ work to a manageable size to potentially be used as propaganda…. sorry… we mean “promotional material”!… Which sadly, we never did!… If you want to check out the edited video, click here! All the sound is taken straight off the desk with no “nips and tucks” of post recording edits to speak of…

Here’s a raw Jerry Harrison cover for you too:

Canberra band supports CIT students