Canberra’s premier band?

Canberra’s Premier Band…. ??

So how many can there be?! It seems like Canberra’s premier band department has a fairly large scope with a few to choose from…!

A quick Google search for Canberra’s premier band or Canberra’s most sought after band will guarantee you many hits! But how do you know which is the premieriest (yes, I just made that word up!) of the premiers? Is it a self  appointed title or is there a government department that deals with Canberra’s premier bands and shells out the “Canberra’s premier band” title?

We have to admit that when we were setting up our web site the thought or title “Canberra’s premier band” did cross our mind until we saw we were in for some stiff competition!

After seeing many live bands around Canberra, we saw one performing at the open day to the Governor Generals house (of all places!) where we sat on the lawn, had a picnic lunch and listened to a band called Big Boss Groove. They have since changed their name to BeBeGee (not sure why… the previous name was pretty cool). They don’t claim to be Canberra’s premier band but in our minds, they’re up there… (I have a feeling their agent has awarded them that monicker too!…)

Check them out at

Should you find that one of our choices of premier band is not available for your function, feel free to call us! 🙂