Live band – a video

Why make a video of a live band?

Recently we have had had a few requests from prospective clients asking if we have any video footage for them to watch. In the past we’ve suggested that they come and see us perform at a public gig, but now our performances are almost exclusively corporate clients and private weddings. This makes it difficult for new clients to see our live band “in action”.

We decided to look at what a live band should produce in regards to videos and made a couple of interesting discoveries. Some bands had pre recorded audio and a slide show of them performing; not an ideal representation of what to expect – although fine, if that’s how you’d like to convey your message. Other “live bands” also had pre recorded audio which they lip-synced for the video… Some had a hand held smart phone showing a more accurate representation of what to expect of sound, musicianship and live band entertainment. This is the one we thought would be best to show case our live band but with some improvements!

How to make a video of a live band

We had a few smart phones that we could use to video the performance. What we didn’t have was people to hold the phones to capture the vision. A quick google search came up with the solution. It was a DIY mobile phone holder which we thought was genius. It needed some PVC pipe, hacksaw, file and a heat gun (and a couple of hours in the shed putting it together). You can find the original idea here.  One comment praising the author was simply “we will party in heaven together”.

Off to the shed and this is what I came up with.

Live band video stand


Live band video stand

This is the “holder”.



I added a “nut” to the base for attachment to a mini tripod.



You slip in the phone to the custom fitting and it’s good to go







Check out our first video brought to you by the PVC camera stand… a 70’s gig!

Now you’ve seen this live band perform and can be sure you’ll enjoy our music, you can book us for your next function, just contact us!

Conference entertainment with a twist: The birth of Aug-stinence!

SILK Entertainment has a proposal for those interested in raising funds for an excellent cause…

The genesis of this idea came after performing as the 2017 Australasian HIV/AIDS conference entertainment at the National Arboretum in Canberra.

National Arboretum, Canberra

The Issue:

Whilst we were the conference entertainment, SILK learnt that sexual health is an important topic. We teach it in our local schools to help students understand the risks of being sexually active. The classic, and equally embarrassing lesson of condom use (including putting one on a banana – or occasionally the handle of a badminton racquet), gets trotted out for subsequent Year 9 students every year. This, along with other forms of contraception are taught in our classrooms, but one particular contraception – the most effective in fact, is glossed over, or not taught at all! ABSTINENCE! This is the only 100% guaranteed method to keep your sexual health in tip top shape!

Sexual health is not just a National issue, as we saw at the conference. It’s a world-wide problem, and the effects of not having “embarrassing banana lessons”, can be seen in many different countries across the globe…

There are so many fundraising ideas assisting with both global and National issues. Charity-specific “days” or “months” have proven to be a magnificent success in supporting excellent causes, be it research or support.

Some of these worthy causes (and there are many more) include:

  • Dry July – Improving “the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer.”
  • Movember – “… committed to ensuring men with prostate cancer and testicular cancer live happier, healthier, longer lives.”
  • Jeans for Genes Day – Helping kids who face birth defects or genetic disease by “… speeding up the search for treatments and cures.”
  • The World’s Greatest Shave – Giving people living with blood cancer the help and support they need and funding vital research to “beat blood cancer.”
  • Red Nose Day – Working towards “A future where no child dies suddenly and unexpectedly during pregnancy, infancy or in childhood.”

So, as I was performing as part of the conference entertainment, I was also thinking about a world where sexual health could be made less taboo. A way of raising awareness and educating the population away from the “awkward banana”… Salt-N-Pepa had a song once “Let’s Talk About Sex”… I’m thinking something more like “Let’s Talk About Abstinence!!”… and it’s marketability to the sexual health arena…

SILK Entertainment - conference entertainment


That’s right, you heard it first here! Aug-stinence!

You abstain from all sexual activity for the month of August, and all for a good cause!

Who wouldn’t be happy to pay for a work colleague or friend to “participate” during AUG-STINENCE?? Imagine the banter, in turn, the raise in profile of sexual health?!

When I told members of SILK Entertainment about my idea, their feedback was positive, but they wanted to know the “rules or conditions” for the month.

We’re happy to leave this open for public consultation… So Contact Us to give us your thoughts!

The best thing about participating in Aug-stinence is that you’ll have Sex-tember to look forward to! 😉

Aaaaand while you’re considering the rules of Aug-stinence, Sex-tember, or simply whether or not you need a creative band as your next conference entertainment, here’s some thinking music… Enjoy!

SILK Entertainment - conference entertainment