Yarralumla Wool Shed Wedding

Ever though about a saving some cash? Getting married? Ever thought about a Yarralumla Wool Shed Wedding?

We performed at a Yarralumla Wool Shed Wedding and we were very impressed by the space and how the wedding party organised their day.

Firstly, if you want more information on the venue, or to make a booking, go here.

Helpful hints:

The venue is operated by the ACT Government so there are conditions which you need to adhere to, but nothing that you wouldn’t have to do at any venue. Conditions of hire .

There is also a Facebook page for more ideas on how to make your day extra special!

There were a few things which impressed us at this Yarralumla Wool Shed wedding: The location, the catering and the drinks setup.

Location location location!

Yarralumla is as central as you can get in Canberra, but the setting is tucked away and has a feeling of a country wedding. We were so lucky to see some black cockatoos flying overhead during the ceremony and later found out this area is a regular location visited by these delightful birds.


The catering was managed out of a modified caravan. Remember the “Hamlet” in Braddon? Just like that. There were wait staff delivering food to guests as soon as it was cooked/prepared by the chefs – fresh and hot! It was great to be able to interact with the caterers.


The drinks set up was a highlight! This Yarralumla Wool Shed wedding hired a mobile cool room and filled it with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It was a self serve set up. Brilliant! What made it exceptional was the provision of a range of good quality beers, not just a couple which is what a majority of other wedding venues provide. A bonus for the wedding party was, if any case of beer was unopened, it could be returned to the supplier for refund!

Let’s not forget – the entertainment was pretty red hot too!…

If you need some live entertainment you can book us directly.

Yarralulma wool shed wedding