Canberra band supports Canberra United

Canberra band supports Canberra United in a most unusual fashion.

Three years ago the daughter of one of the band members discovered the sport of soccer (football) and started supporting the Canberra team who play in the National Women’s Competition called the W-league.

Along with supporting Canberra United, the young supporter – Annie – also found an idol(ish) or at least a favorite player. The player (Hayley Raso) originally came from Queensland but came to play with Canberra as the Brisbane team didn’t think she was good enough! Annie’s dad has an old friend that moved to QLD and happens to work with Hayley’s dad… And so the friendship/idolization began.

It was lucky for Annie that her dad, whilst also being a talented front man, enjoys watching sport and had been following Canberra United closely. So, for the last three seasons, two members of The Silky Six (and one young, captive groupie) have been season ticket holders and have attended all home games since.

Late in 2012 – Annie gained a baby sister called Indigo. She also started attending games along with the rest of the group! It was then that Indigo’s mum, also a member of The Silky Six, sorely missed the lack of available baby supporter clothing and decided to make Canberra United baby clothes for Indigo herself! Check out this picture of Hayley holding baby Indigo wearing the signed “onesie“! 

The Canberra United players are amazing role models. Take a look and find out why one third of this Canberra band supports Canberra United!… Along with 2 of their “groupies”!

A big thanks to Sigourney (who does “everything” for Canberra United!). Sigourney kindly got the signature of Sally Shipard to complete the team for the 2012/2103 season. Thanks also to Sally who clearly liked the onesie she was signing!… 🙂

Here is the latest supporters outfit for the 2013-14 season, along with one shot of Indigo’s winter supporters apparel!… Granted, the summer gear’s a little big, but apparently t-shirt dresses are in at the moment!

Signatures still required so get those pens ready ladies! And this is how this Canberra band supports Canberra United!

Canberra band supports Canberra United


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