Canberra band supports Canberra United

Canberra band gets creative in support of Canberra United Football Club.

Remember this? In 2012, Canberra band, SILK Entertainment put our heads together to support our local Canberra United Football Club ladies. Creating our “Budget Corporate Box“, we collected signatures over time: Trudy Burke, Grace Gill, Michelle Heyman, Hayley Raso and Ash Sykes…

Canberra band original umbrella






This brolly has given us shade at every home game our United girls played in the 2013-2017 seasons.

Original Canberra band umbrellaWe didn’t realise the need would arise to upgrade, but when more band members started to show up to games, it became clear, we needed to extend! No to mention update signatures with all the new talent turning up to play!

So, we took a trip to The Green Shed on Mugga Lane and $5 later, had an appropriate (green) umbrella to create our new  “C Utd VIP Lounge”… Complete with white band for autographs, this upgrade is set to see our Canberra band protected from the UV for the rest of 2018 and into coming seasons!

Head to our SILK Entertainment on Facebook to see the full process – it’s kinda fun in timelapse!

Canberra band supporting Canberra UnitedSupporter umbrella by Canberra bandArt by local Canberra band in support of Canberra United

We’re all about supporting our local team, Canberra United! Thanks for giving us an outlet and an opportunity to get creative and offer our support to your journey!