Canberra wedding and events band gets a new sound desk!

New desk for Canberra Wedding and Events Band!

Canberra wedding and events band The Silky Six recently branched out and purchased an Allen and Heath ZEDFX desk so that we can sound even better for our Canberra wedding and events audiences!…

Perfect for all our gigs be they duo or trio, and even all the way up to our full six piece Canberra wedding and events band glory, Allan and Heath ZEDFX makes for sweet sounds… This desk comes with a huge range of onboard effects and special features making it easy to use, easy to record, easy to listen to, and you can even plug straight in for the muso who doesn’t want any mess or fuss during set up and pull down! We’ve had a great time experimenting with sounds and effects, and believe we’ve got our levels set just right!

The Silky Six will use our new purchase for our upcoming gigs at Gunghalin Lakes – we’ll be playing some trio twilight sessions with covers for everyone to enjoy. We are also looking forward to using this desk for our couples choosing to get married at The Chapel in Gold Creek as we offer you the option of singing you down the aisle or entertaining your guests after your ceremony. Our new toy will be very busy in the coming months with a number of Corporate clients booking The Silky Six for their end of year celebrations.

If you haven’t heard this desk in action, be sure to come along to one of our gigs in the near future and find out why The Silky Six and Allen and Heath make us the most versatile Canberra wedding and events band!

Here’s a photo of our new toy, all set up for David, Colette and AJ to practice harmonies and set levels.

Canberra wedding and events band new toy!