Canberra Zoo and Aquarium

The Canberra Zoo and Aquarium

The acoustic team of The Silky Six – aka SILK – performed at the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium. We set up at the end of the “cat walk” which is where you view all of the big cats – in this case – white lions! It was a pretty cool place to perform! We had our first captive audience… (sorry).

White lions at the Canberra Zoo

┬áSome of the white lions at the Canberra Zoo watching the performance (sort of…)

As you can see, the interest factor from the inmates was pretty slim but we thought it was great that they were so close!

Catering was provided by Coyote Catering and the food was amazing. Our only complaint was that we didn’t get to eat a lot as we were “on the job”. If you check out their website, you’ll note that they have won awards for catering three years in a row. SILK are not surprised.

Coyote Catering at the Canberra Zoo


The Canberra Zoo and Aquarium, the place to be this summer holidays!