Conference entertainment with a twist: The birth of Aug-stinence!

SILK Entertainment has a proposal for those interested in raising funds for an excellent cause…

The genesis of this idea came after performing as the 2017 Australasian HIV/AIDS conference entertainment at the National Arboretum in Canberra.

National Arboretum, Canberra

The Issue:

Whilst we were the conference entertainment, SILK learnt that sexual health is an important topic. We teach it in our local schools to help students understand the risks of being sexually active. The classic, and equally embarrassing lesson of condom use (including putting one on a banana – or occasionally the handle of a badminton racquet), gets trotted out for subsequent Year 9 students every year. This, along with other forms of contraception are taught in our classrooms, but one particular contraception – the most effective in fact, is glossed over, or not taught at all! ABSTINENCE! This is the only 100% guaranteed method to keep your sexual health in tip top shape!

Sexual health is not just a National issue, as we saw at the conference. It’s a world-wide problem, and the effects of not having “embarrassing banana lessons”, can be seen in many different countries across the globe…

There are so many fundraising ideas assisting with both global and National issues. Charity-specific “days” or “months” have proven to be a magnificent success in supporting excellent causes, be it research or support.

Some of these worthy causes (and there are many more) include:

  • Dry July – Improving “the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer.”
  • Movember – “… committed to ensuring men with prostate cancer and testicular cancer live happier, healthier, longer lives.”
  • Jeans for Genes Day – Helping kids who face birth defects or genetic disease by “… speeding up the search for treatments and cures.”
  • The World’s Greatest Shave – Giving people living with blood cancer the help and support they need and funding vital research to “beat blood cancer.”
  • Red Nose Day – Working towards “A future where no child dies suddenly and unexpectedly during pregnancy, infancy or in childhood.”

So, as I was performing as part of the conference entertainment, I was also thinking about a world where sexual health could be made less taboo. A way of raising awareness and educating the population away from the “awkward banana”… Salt-N-Pepa had a song once “Let’s Talk About Sex”… I’m thinking something more like “Let’s Talk About Abstinence!!”… and it’s marketability to the sexual health arena…

SILK Entertainment - conference entertainment


That’s right, you heard it first here! Aug-stinence!

You abstain from all sexual activity for the month of August, and all for a good cause!

Who wouldn’t be happy to pay for a work colleague or friend to “participate” during AUG-STINENCE?? Imagine the banter, in turn, the raise in profile of sexual health?!

When I told members of SILK Entertainment about my idea, their feedback was positive, but they wanted to know the “rules or conditions” for the month.

We’re happy to leave this open for public consultation… So Contact Us to give us your thoughts!

The best thing about participating in Aug-stinence is that you’ll have Sex-tember to look forward to! 😉

Aaaaand while you’re considering the rules of Aug-stinence, Sex-tember, or simply whether or not you need a creative band as your next conference entertainment, here’s some thinking music… Enjoy!

SILK Entertainment - conference entertainment




One song could change your life!

Have you thought about how you might pop the question?

Could you narrow your choice down to one wedding song?

SILK Entertainment received a booking for a gig which had us all scratching our heads at one point. Was it an authentic request? One song? What good would one song do?… Apparently a world of good for these two!

As it turns out, this was a wedding song – well sort of – it was for a proposal, and here is how it unfolded…

The Set Up:

David and AJ would learn a song they didn’t know because it was particularly significant for the couple. Said couple, would be picnicking by the Lake and David and AJ, would come along and bring with them a well thought out back story!

The Process:

They showed up bumbling and fumbling about. They gesticulated and pointed to icons that might make a good backdrop for a poorly recorded university assignment. They made a strong performance (mostly AJ – and I’ll come back to this later) of the phone not standing upright on it’s own. They huffed and puffed at what they would do to get that “top shot” they were looking for with just a guitar case to rest the phone on.

Finally, the pair sheepishly asked a “random” couple who were picnicking in the vicinity if they would be kind enough to help them out. They needed to film just one song for their university assignment – it wouldn’t take long! This had to be cleverly aimed to ensure the female half of “picnicking couple” would agree to film and actually take the phone – after all, we can’t forget that groom-to-be wanted to propose on bended knee!

She agreed to film. They played. She filmed. Groom-to-be waited. She must have been delighted with their song choice! She continued to film as he sank to one knee…

The Result:

You see the phone dropping as she keeps looking sideways wondering what on earth the love of her life is doing next to her… and as he eloquently asks her if she will “Hang with me…

We call him the love of her life, because we know this to be true. The rest, is history! Take a look and find out what happens when you employ SILK to act as unprepared and disorganised university students to perform the one song that will change your life forever!**

**As a side note, David has mentioned that he’s performed hundreds of gigs in his singing career. He loves to throw in a bit of acting here and there (one of his nicknames – self given -is “Hollywood”). He has since admitted that he was glad AJ was there to step in because he cannot remember ever being as nervous as he was before singing this song. It meant so much to that picnicking couple, and as it turns out, it meant a great deal to us too!

Thanks “picnicking couple” – SILK

Canberra band supports Canberra United

Canberra band gets creative in support of Canberra United Football Club.

Remember this? In 2012, Canberra band, SILK Entertainment put our heads together to support our local Canberra United Football Club ladies. Creating our “Budget Corporate Box“, we collected signatures over time: Trudy Burke, Grace Gill, Michelle Heyman, Hayley Raso and Ash Sykes…

Canberra band original umbrella






This brolly has given us shade at every home game our United girls played in the 2013-2017 seasons.

Original Canberra band umbrellaWe didn’t realise the need would arise to upgrade, but when more band members started to show up to games, it became clear, we needed to extend! No to mention update signatures with all the new talent turning up to play!

So, we took a trip to The Green Shed on Mugga Lane and $5 later, had an appropriate (green) umbrella to create our new  “C Utd VIP Lounge”… Complete with white band for autographs, this upgrade is set to see our Canberra band protected from the UV for the rest of 2018 and into coming seasons!

Head to our SILK Entertainment on Facebook to see the full process – it’s kinda fun in timelapse!

Canberra band supporting Canberra UnitedSupporter umbrella by Canberra bandArt by local Canberra band in support of Canberra United

We’re all about supporting our local team, Canberra United! Thanks for giving us an outlet and an opportunity to get creative and offer our support to your journey!





Canberra cover bands can help you celebrate!

Quality Canberra cover bands can bring a unique atmosphere to any function or event. SILK Entertainment played at the Canberra Royals Rugby Union Football Club presentation night, helping members celebrate their recent win of the Canberra John I. Dent cup. Read about their win here! It was a pleasure to celebrate the Royals’ First Grade Premiership win. Watch such a proud audience throw themselves into this Canberra cover bands repertoire with such gusto was a buzz!

Make way for Royals on the dance floor!

Take a peak at what winners look like when they hit the dance floor,  celebrating hard with some classic choreography!

The Southern Cross Club in Woden is a terrific venue with versatile facilities and friendly, professional staff. It makes a great place to check out Canberra cover bands – if you get a chance to attend a function here, take it!

SILK Entertainment would like to congratulate the Royals. A pat on the back for your excellent sportsmanship when it came to the Nutbush. Your flare and grace on the field may not have translated eloquently to Tina Turner moves, but your hearts were in it, and that made all the difference.

Here’s what Jim from the Royals had to say about SILK:

“I hired SILK Entertainment for a presentation night and was not disappointed. They were very flexible with the planning and prompt with responses to late request for information. The band was fantastic and succeeded in getting a hard crowd up and dancing to some excellent tunes on the night. The crowd and the band had a great time. I would hire them again!”
– Jim, Royals Rugby Club

And Jim, we’d love to play for you again… Let’s go back to back seasons?!

To find out what other clients have thought of SILK, visit us here.

Canberra cover band SILK Entertainment helps Canberra Royals to celebrate

Corporate jazz trio in the garden

Which secret Canberra garden venue hosted our corporate jazz trio playing for Ronald McDonald House Canberra‘s annual fundraiser? Hotel Kurrajong, of course! This little gem of a courtyard garden provided the gorgeous backdrop for our trio of musicians.

SILK Entertainment’s very own jazz trio were chuffed setting up at the Kurrajong. With pristine lawns, framed by a picturesque fountain – just beautiful. I think we all had a grin as we were setting up for an evening of jazz.

Corporate jazz trio
Tyson (guitar) and Jamal (drums) at Ronald McDonald House fundraiser







Our corporate jazz trio plays into the night!

Pianist Alan managed to get this happy snap of Tys and Jamal taking on the Kenny Dorham jazz classic, Blue Bossa. Later, we played the Thelonius Monk classic, Blue Monk. The perfect shade of jazz to go with the deep blue sunset sky. We promise we didn’t coordinate the shirts or the playlist to coincide with sky! It was all coincidence – music and nature – and perhaps a common taste in shirts!

We didn’t get a full recording of us playing as a corporate jazz trio this time, but do check out our Facebook page for other videos of us playing.

Thanks and shout outs!

A big thank you to Ronald McDonald House for inviting us again to entertain guests in these beautiful gardens! You run a throughly enjoyable fundraiser! Looking forward to playing for you again next year.

Also, a big shout out to Collector Wines, Clonakilla, Capital Brewing and many of the the other great Canberra region producers who brought fine food and beverages as our jazz trio played into the night.

To find out what our clients have to say, have a look at our reviews page. Don’t miss out on the most affordable musical entertainment in Canberra, book us now!

Game of Thrones Wedding

How does the Game of Thrones, modern nuptials and a Canberra wedding band combine to create romance?…

Groom-to-be: “Will you marry me?”

Bride-to-be: “Will you take my last name?”

Groom-to-be: “Only if you walk down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme song!”

Bride-to-be (unexpectedly): “Deal!”…

… And thus, he found Canberra wedding band SILK Entertainment – who would play the song that would see him take her name!

Sadly, SILK members were so caught up in the moment on the day, loving the back story and enjoying the sunshine at the Yarralumla Woolshed, we failed to record it, but we will never forget it!

So here it is, a snippet of the reenactment by our jazz trio: Jamal (our very own John Snow), Alan (our Tyroshi merchant straight from the fighting pits of Volantis) and Tyson (of the Night’s Watch). If you want to see the full video and hear the whole thing, visit us on YouTube.

For those who aren’t overly familiar with the tune, you can listen to the original here

To the bride and groom, we thoroughly enjoyed both the challenge, and the faces of your guests as that Game of Thrones drumbeat started.  We also had a wonderful time celebrating after the ceremony with all of you!

After "Game of Thrones" processional, guests dancing to Canberra wedding band SILK at the reception
“Game of Thrones” walk down the aisle… aftermath!

You have excellent taste, brilliant sense of humour, and we wish you many happy, fulfilling and fruitful years together – may Winter never come for you!



Silk entertainment in Canberra for our four-legged friends!

The Million Paws Walk offers entertainment in Canberra for a good cause!rspca logo

The Silky Six got their acoustic on to offer entertainment in Canberra for participants of the 2014 RSPCA ACT Million Paws Walk in May 2014.

The Million Paws Walk is the RSPCA’s biggest annual fundraiser in the Nation’s Capital and offers pet owners a chance to walk around Lake Burley Griffin. For more details on the event, visit their site here.

The array of entertainment in Canberra is huge and folks bring their furry friends to walk, play, dress up and enter fancy dress competitions. There are food stalls, groomers, pet minders, dog walkers, drink stands and all sorts of fun activities like rides and face painting! For something different, the Million Paws Walk organizers from the RSPCA ACT decided on live entertainment in Canberra in 2014. This was the first time the Million Paws Walk has offered live music as part of the entertainment in Canberra. It was a great success, and Silk thoroughly enjoyed performing for all the participants of this great event!

Silk - live entertainment in Canberra











Canberra turned on a sensational day for the event and we sincerely hope the hundreds of dogs, cats, lambs, pig, hamsters and guinea pigs enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Canberra’s premier band?

Canberra’s Premier Band…. ??

So how many can there be?! It seems like Canberra’s premier band department has a fairly large scope with a few to choose from…!

A quick Google search for Canberra’s premier band or Canberra’s most sought after band will guarantee you many hits! But how do you know which is the premieriest (yes, I just made that word up!) of the premiers? Is it a self  appointed title or is there a government department that deals with Canberra’s premier bands and shells out the “Canberra’s premier band” title?

We have to admit that when we were setting up our web site the thought or title “Canberra’s premier band” did cross our mind until we saw we were in for some stiff competition!

After seeing many live bands around Canberra, we saw one performing at the open day to the Governor Generals house (of all places!) where we sat on the lawn, had a picnic lunch and listened to a band called Big Boss Groove. They have since changed their name to BeBeGee (not sure why… the previous name was pretty cool). They don’t claim to be Canberra’s premier band but in our minds, they’re up there… (I have a feeling their agent has awarded them that monicker too!…)

Check them out at

Should you find that one of our choices of premier band is not available for your function, feel free to call us! 🙂



Canberra corporate band supports Canberra’s Relay for Life!

Canberra corporate band supports “Relay for Life”!

Canberra corporate band, The Silky Six, had an amazing time on Saturday, 29 March 2014. We were lucky enough to entertain the energetic and dedicated volunteers and participants of the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life at the AIS track.

The event included a moving candle ceremony where participants placed candles inscribed with messages of support and love around the track. Everyone in attendance was asked to remember the message of this years event, “Fight Back”, and a piper played the well-loved tune, “Amazing Grace”.

Canberra corporate band supports Relay for LifeCanberra corporate band supports The Relay for LIfe

Participants then set off again around the track inspired by energetic tunes like “All Fired Up” and “Let me Entertain You” performed by Canberra corporate band, The Silky Six. A crowd of participants who weren’t required to be walking laps at the time flocked to the stage. We were spoilt to witness excellent dance moves, sensational singing and some fabulous demonstrations of “the Worm”!

Canberra corporate band supports Relay for Life The energy of the event was electric. People were in great spirits and the common cause brought out the best in everyone. There were people running, walking and skipping around the track. I believe one team this year even committed to 24 hours of exercise! Even when they weren’t on the track they were on bikes, doing push ups, sit ups or lifting weights!

It was a pleasure to witness such overwhelming commitment to a fabulous cause!

Head over to Relay for Life, Canberra on Facebook to check out their world record attempt at the most number of heads shaved simultaneously EVER!


Relay for Life Canberra – an even that this Canberra corporate band is proud to have been a part of and hopes to return to again next year!

Canberra band supports CIT production course

Canberra band supports CIT live production students!

Not long after The Silky Six formed, we were asked to help out the  students studying the live production course at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). This course covers all aspects of live production including sound, lighting, video camera operation, rigging, stage craft, recording, editing, audio engineering, directing and television production. All of this is referred to as an Outside Broadcast or OB …..

Canberra band supports CIT live production students

Three of The Silky Six band members had graduated from various courses at the same CIT campus and it was a call from one of their former teachers that brought current students and band together for this production. As a favour to the staff and students at the CIT, the band performed for an afternoon giving the students   valuable experience and also giving the teachers a relaxed and realistic forum to assess their students’  work.

The students took turns in operating equipment, whether it was videoing, sound production, directing, lighting or follow spot operation. The band just played… and played…. and played… and continued to play as they all went about their respective tasks. It made for an enjoyable, fruitful and enlightening entertainment session!

Canberra band supports CIT students

The end result?…  The Silky Six walked away with a live production video and soundtrack and the students all walked away with a “pass” on their course (or at least we believe they all should have!). The Silky Six edited the students’ work to a manageable size to potentially be used as propaganda…. sorry… we mean “promotional material”!… Which sadly, we never did!… If you want to check out the edited video, click here! All the sound is taken straight off the desk with no “nips and tucks” of post recording edits to speak of…

Here’s a raw Jerry Harrison cover for you too:

Canberra band supports CIT students