Canberra corporate band supports Canberra’s Relay for Life!

Canberra corporate band supports “Relay for Life”!

Canberra corporate band, The Silky Six, had an amazing time on Saturday, 29 March 2014. We were lucky enough to entertain the energetic and dedicated volunteers and participants of the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life at the AIS track.

The event included a moving candle ceremony where participants placed candles inscribed with messages of support and love around the track. Everyone in attendance was asked to remember the message of this years event, “Fight Back”, and a piper played the well-loved tune, “Amazing Grace”.

Canberra corporate band supports Relay for LifeCanberra corporate band supports The Relay for LIfe

Participants then set off again around the track inspired by energetic tunes like “All Fired Up” and “Let me Entertain You” performed by Canberra corporate band, The Silky Six. A crowd of participants who weren’t required to be walking laps at the time flocked to the stage. We were spoilt to witness excellent dance moves, sensational singing and some fabulous demonstrations of “the Worm”!

Canberra corporate band supports Relay for Life The energy of the event was electric. People were in great spirits and the common cause brought out the best in everyone. There were people running, walking and skipping around the track. I believe one team this year even committed to 24 hours of exercise! Even when they weren’t on the track they were on bikes, doing push ups, sit ups or lifting weights!

It was a pleasure to witness such overwhelming commitment to a fabulous cause!

Head over to Relay for Life, Canberra on Facebook to check out their world record attempt at the most number of heads shaved simultaneously EVER!


Relay for Life Canberra – an even that this Canberra corporate band is proud to have been a part of and hopes to return to again next year!

Canberra band supports CIT production course

Canberra band supports CIT live production students!

Not long after The Silky Six formed, we were asked to help out the  students studying the live production course at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). This course covers all aspects of live production including sound, lighting, video camera operation, rigging, stage craft, recording, editing, audio engineering, directing and television production. All of this is referred to as an Outside Broadcast or OB …..

Canberra band supports CIT live production students

Three of The Silky Six band members had graduated from various courses at the same CIT campus and it was a call from one of their former teachers that brought current students and band together for this production. As a favour to the staff and students at the CIT, the band performed for an afternoon giving the students   valuable experience and also giving the teachers a relaxed and realistic forum to assess their students’  work.

The students took turns in operating equipment, whether it was videoing, sound production, directing, lighting or follow spot operation. The band just played… and played…. and played… and continued to play as they all went about their respective tasks. It made for an enjoyable, fruitful and enlightening entertainment session!

Canberra band supports CIT students

The end result?…  The Silky Six walked away with a live production video and soundtrack and the students all walked away with a “pass” on their course (or at least we believe they all should have!). The Silky Six edited the students’ work to a manageable size to potentially be used as propaganda…. sorry… we mean “promotional material”!… Which sadly, we never did!… If you want to check out the edited video, click here! All the sound is taken straight off the desk with no “nips and tucks” of post recording edits to speak of…

Here’s a raw Jerry Harrison cover for you too:

Canberra band supports CIT students

Wedding function and fair

Recently we attended a wedding fair that gave service providers the opportunity to promote their services for a couple’s wedding function.

We attended as part of a consortium called “The Chapel Crew“. The Chapel Crew was put together to provide bridal parties with essentially a “one stop shop”. The best wedding function providers in the industry are now working as a team to give couples a smooth ride in what can be a rocky path to the wedding day.

We understand that couples are time poor and we are attempting to minimize the stress in locating top quality service providers for their wedding function.

For example – bridal parties can select the services for their wedding function  from a celebrant, photographer, make up artist, suit hire, florist, wedding cars, invitations reception venues to a live band – knowing that each provider come highly recommended by the others in the group. No longer do you need to shop around for the best. It is all in one neat little group. The Chapel Crew.

Here are some links to some of the other providers that also attended on the day as part of The Chapel Crew:

Robyn Pike – Celebrant

Mel Hill Photography

Invitations by Melita

T8 Photography

The Abbey – Reception venue

The Chapel – Ceremony venue

Missy’s Magic Styles – Hair and makeup

What makes a good cover band?

What makes a good cover band? Recently we played a gig where two prospective clients came to watch us. After the performance I chatted with both of these clients – one was a bride and the other a corporate client and they were both happy with what they saw and booked us in for future work. I on the other hand, was disappointed with the gig as a couple of us had had a flat night and were tired and somewhat out of sorts.  I wondered if I were to watch us, would I book us?

This got me to thinking: What makes a good cover band? 

If these two clients were impressed and we had a lot of other positive unsolicited feedback – but we were still feeling flat, what did they like about us.

Was it the diverse range of songs we played?

Was it the variety of instruments we have in our cover band?

Was it the fact that a male and female shared the lead vocals?

Was it the skill of the guitarist?

Did the rhythm section work well together?

Was it that the vocalists actually sang on key!?

Did the keyboardist solo brilliantly?

Was the female very attractive – she thinks this was it…! (or maybe one of the males??!)

Did the PA system impress them and the sound that it produced?

Was it because we didn’t take a break for too long between sets?

Was it that the vocalists harmonized well with each other and their voices worked well together?

Did they like the lights that the band brought to the gig?

Was it because members of the cover band were approachable and friendly?

Did they like how the two vocalists worked together and interacted with the crowd?

Was it a combination of two or more of the above?

I remember hearing another Canberra cover band saying that “it didn’t matter what or how you play, the audience usually has no idea!” I don’t agree. I think most people have a reasonable idea about what sounds good and what doesn’t, and have a better idea than we do at what they like and what they want from their entertainment!

What do you think? If anyone has any idea or comment on what makes a good cover band, we’d love to hear it!

Hiring a live cover band…

When hiring a live cover band… What can you expect, and why would you?

We have found that in general people who are looking for a live cover band for their function, event or wedding generally pop up, request a quote, book in their date, send their deposit, settle on their set list and have an amazing time with their friends, colleagues and families while enjoying the atmosphere live entertainment provides.

Then there are those that are on the precipice… Do we, don’t we… Live music? DJ? iPod? No entertainment at all??…

Sadly, hiring a live cover band seems to be the last thing people choose. DJ’s – well, they cost less because there’s only one of them, iPods – do as you say and put you in control and no entertainment at all – well, that is, I guess, the most cost effective and allows for extra cash on the bar! But here’s the thing…

Nothing against DJ’s, they mix music well and with the right personality they can be a hoot to have around! However… They play the records just like the radio (which some people like), but no spontaneous song selection, no personalized lyrics…

iPods… A cheap alternative – unless the wiring is floored or it runs out of battery – and once again, no personal touches…

No entertainment at all…. No question – your event will be (no offense) DULL!!

Live cover bands play the songs people know, add a personal touch, make your function, event or wedding reception unique and enjoyable for everyone. Sure, a live band might cost a little more than the options above, but here’s something to think about, click on the image below…

Hiring a live cover band

Supporting Canberra United – The untold story of a secret society of sign writers…

Thanks for giving us some excitement Canberra United!

When you have a one year old and your entertainment is reduced to, well…feeding, changing, playing, bathing (putting to) sleeping and repeating, you need a hobby that you can do in between times. Ours is supporting Canberra United. In particular, making signs to put up at the ground that support the team or even better, belittle the opposition. For example, our favorite sign for taking the Mickey out of the opposition is “Adelaide United and Adelaide water = SAME STANDARD.” Having to explain the sign does weaken the effect somewhat, but we figured the Adelaide team would get it – at least!

“Hey Brisbane, Canberra stole your roar!” (to Brisbane Roar at the grand final)…

And then there are those lesser-known banners that come about in the event of a “slip of the tongue”… The poor announcer had a shocker one day when he announced the team as having “Ashleigh and Nicole Skyes” as players (I’m sure all our Canberra United readers have heard of the “SYKES” twins!)… And so was born the banner “Canberra Untied supports dyslexics”. This was only topped by this years official members guide which we believe may have been edited by the same announcer as “Turdy Burke” appears on page one… A nickname I’m sure TRUDY hopes won’t stick like the proverbial…

The Canberra United hair trends of 2010-11 brought on “Canberra United supports apprentice hairdressers” and we were thrilled to have provided a buzz to Hayley Raso last season with our “Show us your Raso-dazzle”.

Signs (and baby clothes) are one thing, but last Saturday night we kicked our entertainment up a notch when we launched our very own range of CU beach umbrella. When we say “range” we mean “one”, but we think it’ll catch on 😉 Look for us at the next game under the one, the only “CU Budget Corporate Box” umbrella…

Have a great game this Wednesday ladies! CU there!… Remember all you Canberra Unite players and fans out there, wave to the Budget Corporate Box!

P.S. Turdy had an AWESOME game last weekend against Perth!


Work in progress 2 Painting the box At the game

Function band available for your event.

Looking for a function band?

The Silky Six have extensive experience in performing at a wide of range of events. Getting into the theme of the night is something the Silky Six do and do well! Whatever the theme, this function band supports the client by wearing appropriate clothing and even learning songs (or even a set of music) to set the mood.

The Silky Six believe that as a function band, it is important to jump on board and promote themes as a means to entertaining the audience. It adds a whole new dimension to the entertainment and lets face it – this function band has never grown out of playing “dress ups”!

We have hired costumes, made costumes, blinged costumes and bought costumes! We have raided family members wardrobes and borrowed from friends. It seems this function band knows how to be pretty resourceful when it comes down to it!… We love a challenge and we look forward to you letting us know what we’re working on next!

Here are some different themed events The Silky Six have performed at.

  • Bollywood
  • Nautical bollywood function band
  • Black Tie
  • Great Gatsby
  • Xmas bling
  • Traffic light
  • Pimps and Prozzies
  • Fluoro party
  • Hippie party
  • Burlesque
  • Casino Royale
  • Sporty
  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Halloween
  • Letter party
    Function band dressing up from RW Awards - Clutch AJ Clet


TS6 at a recent eventTS6 plays at a variety of events

Canberra band supports Canberra United

Canberra band supports Canberra United in a most unusual fashion.

Three years ago the daughter of one of the band members discovered the sport of soccer (football) and started supporting the Canberra team who play in the National Women’s Competition called the W-league.

Along with supporting Canberra United, the young supporter – Annie – also found an idol(ish) or at least a favorite player. The player (Hayley Raso) originally came from Queensland but came to play with Canberra as the Brisbane team didn’t think she was good enough! Annie’s dad has an old friend that moved to QLD and happens to work with Hayley’s dad… And so the friendship/idolization began.

It was lucky for Annie that her dad, whilst also being a talented front man, enjoys watching sport and had been following Canberra United closely. So, for the last three seasons, two members of The Silky Six (and one young, captive groupie) have been season ticket holders and have attended all home games since.

Late in 2012 – Annie gained a baby sister called Indigo. She also started attending games along with the rest of the group! It was then that Indigo’s mum, also a member of The Silky Six, sorely missed the lack of available baby supporter clothing and decided to make Canberra United baby clothes for Indigo herself! Check out this picture of Hayley holding baby Indigo wearing the signed “onesie“! 

The Canberra United players are amazing role models. Take a look and find out why one third of this Canberra band supports Canberra United!… Along with 2 of their “groupies”!

A big thanks to Sigourney (who does “everything” for Canberra United!). Sigourney kindly got the signature of Sally Shipard to complete the team for the 2012/2103 season. Thanks also to Sally who clearly liked the onesie she was signing!… 🙂

Here is the latest supporters outfit for the 2013-14 season, along with one shot of Indigo’s winter supporters apparel!… Granted, the summer gear’s a little big, but apparently t-shirt dresses are in at the moment!

Signatures still required so get those pens ready ladies! And this is how this Canberra band supports Canberra United!

Canberra band supports Canberra United


Indi backIndi CU top copy


Wedding music or music to dance to?!

TS6 Wedding Music to fill the dancefloor

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TS6 philosophy on wedding music or music you can dance to.

Going out to watch live music is something members of TS6 like to do and if you are reading this, you probably enjoy doing the same thing.
There are a lot of good bands in Canberra and we have seen most of them!  One thing we have noticed however with the majority is their choice of music. With all bands there are the “standards” that you will hear no matter what! For example, TS6 will buy you a beer if you can find a band that doesn’t play “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder (check out his live version – it’s awesome).
So playing standards as wedding music is fine but the only wedding music we play is the music that fits into the philosophy of The Silky Six….which is;
  • We want to be the band that plays different stuff to just the standard.
  • We don’t want to be a band like all of the others.
  • But most importantly, the music we play, should be easy to dance to!
So when we go out and watch other bands we scratch our heads at some of their choices of songs. The song may well be a great song, but it is not easy to dance to! We like to put ourselves in the “shoes” of the people that come to see us play. We want to make it easy for people to get up and dance! There is nothing worse than seeing the boyfriend/husband/male escort dragged onto the dance floor by their girlfriend/wife/ female escort and them floundering to a song they can’t dance to. Trust us, we understand we are not the most coordinated people, but even the least coordinated people should be able to dance to your wedding music!
 This is the reason why we choose the songs we choose. This is also a reason why we formed this band  and the line up (musicians in the band) – to play songs different from the norm.  So when we say we will fill the dance floor from start to finish – we mean it!
But – In case you are concerned and want to take a few lessons before grooving to the next lot of wedding music you hear, and in case you haven’t yet seen this video by the Black Keys – do it! This guy could dance to wedding music the likes of which no band would play – for instance Pachelbel’s Cannon in D…!
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TS6 wedding music dance floor filling

How to choose a canberra wedding band

How do you choose a canberra wedding band?

So you are getting married? I read post on the riot act website recently with the author asking the same question. Someone had commented on the thread that “getting married was their first mistake!”

But seriously – how do you choose the best Canberra wedding band?

Tip number one – go and see them perform! Can you actually see them perform? Do they play at a venue that you’d be happy to take your mother in law to?

Tip number two – is the band friendly and approachable? Remember they will also be at your wedding… would you invite someone that isn’t?!

Tip number three – what does the band look like when they perform? Do they look like they would rather be elsewhere or do they get into it and really perform? It’s pointless having good musicians who stand there like store window mannequins and look bored…

Tip number four – what type of music do they play? Weddings are usually about dancing and having a good time. Does the band play music you can dance to? Seriously – can you dance to it?? Go and have a dance and test it out! Does their repertoire include songs that will appeal to a wide audience? Will Aunt Delores enjoy some of the songs through to the Gen Z group who will look up from their smartphones and send a message to their friends saying  #cool canberra wedding band #selfie with the drummer.

canberra wedding band drummer

Good luck in your search for entertainment for your wedding day! Follow these tips and nothing could go wrong!