How to choose a canberra wedding band

How do you choose a canberra wedding band?

So you are getting married? I read post on the riot act website recently with the author asking the same question. Someone had commented on the thread that “getting married was their first mistake!”

But seriously – how do you choose the best Canberra wedding band?

Tip number one – go and see them perform! Can you actually see them perform? Do they play at a venue that you’d be happy to take your mother in law to?

Tip number two – is the band friendly and approachable? Remember they will also be at your wedding… would you invite someone that isn’t?!

Tip number three – what does the band look like when they perform? Do they look like they would rather be elsewhere or do they get into it and really perform? It’s pointless having good musicians who stand there like store window mannequins and look bored…

Tip number four – what type of music do they play? Weddings are usually about dancing and having a good time. Does the band play music you can dance to? Seriously – can you dance to it?? Go and have a dance and test it out! Does their repertoire include songs that will appeal to a wide audience? Will Aunt Delores enjoy some of the songs through to the Gen Z group who will look up from their smartphones and send a message to their friends saying  #cool canberra wedding band #selfie with the drummer.

canberra wedding band drummer

Good luck in your search for entertainment for your wedding day! Follow these tips and nothing could go wrong!