Cover band The Silky Six’s youngest groupie turns 1!

The youngest groupie of band "The Silky Six"

Ever heard of a cover band groupie being 1?!

The Silky Six cover band wish to send out some very special birthday wishes to their youngest groupie: Indi.

Indi is a product of Valentine’s Day – we think – and belongs to band members David and Colette. Indi has attended every band practice for the last 2 years and loves to be involved in rehearsals! She can generally be found shaking a maraca, attacking a triangle, messing with the band equipment – mic leads are her favourite – or shaking her tambourine!

Music can be a great way for kids of all ages to learn and develop; from the age-old nursery rhymes generally sung with actions to match, all the way through to the dulcet tones of Bob Marley proving to be a calming influence on babies even under 12 months old…

After having Indi, band member Colette became interested in the effects music would have on her baby girl. Aside from noticing the immediate and obvious calming effects, Colette found a great deal of research to suggest that exposing a child to a wide variety of music could have a very positive effect on her baby’s growth and development. For more information, visit Music and Your Baby – just one of a number of sites offering interesting information on music and baby’s development!

Happy birthday Indi, the band thoroughly enjoys having you as a mascot!