Evolution of a Canberra covers band…

So I was thinking about the different line ups that this Canberra covers band has had…and thought I’d try to chronicle the changes in line up!

To date, we have had;

  • 1 male vocalist
  • 2 female vocalists
  • 3 drummers
  • 4 bassists
  • 4 guitarists
  • 5 keyboardists
  • and a partridge in a pear tree

The first line up didn’t even get to gigging stage. The Keyboardist (who we’ll refer to as K1) wanted to continue with the band but wasn’t available enough due to work commitments. From memory, he was away more than he was here… not good when you are starting up!

Next to go was B1 – who went interstate for work. He was gutted to leave the band but had to think of his career.

G1 moved on shortly after B1 as it seemed like we couldn’t fill B1’s shoes, not to mention K1.

In comes B2, on recommendation of D1. He was cool but left after having to make a decision between work, GF and Canberra covers band. Covers band lost out.

V1 needed to take a year off as she was up the duff (thanks to the male V1). After searching high and low for a replacement for V1, we ended up settling on K2’s GF (akaV2)

B3 played some gigs then headed off to pursue a career which would mean he was unavailable a lot… Luckily ,B1 had recently returned from his career nd slotted back in beautifully.

G2 and K2 stuck around for quite a while (along with B2) but then K2 announced he was leaving to pursue his originals. We wished him good luck and still talk fondly about K2.

K3 arrived and we got ourselves ready to gig again…which is when G2 announced he was moving interstate for study. G2 was cool.

V1 returns after maternity leave (can you have mat leave in a covers band??!!)

G3 comes on board and slots in nicely… then D1 says he’s off to chase his dream OS. D1 was top notch.

Sheepishly, G4 announces he is also heading OS…so we need to replace two members at once.

At this stage K3 says he can’t continue the commitment to the covers band due to work and study commitments.

In come G4 and D2 – who come as a package deal as they played together in another band. Gigging continues until we realise that there will be clashes of dates with G4 and D2 being in another working covers band. So we part ways agreeing they would be good fill ins.

K4 comes and goes in a short turnaround and leaves due to transport issues.

In comes K5 (who previously played in another Canberra covers band with V1) along with D3.

G3 comes back from OS earlier than expected and was welcomed back….

G3 in the cover band!






And that’s where we are at…for the time being!




G3…or would he be G5??