What makes a good cover band?

What makes a good cover band? Recently we played a gig where two prospective clients came to watch us. After the performance I chatted with both of these clients – one was a bride and the other a corporate client and they were both happy with what they saw and booked us in for future work. I on the other hand, was disappointed with the gig as a couple of us had had a flat night and were tired and somewhat out of sorts.  I wondered if I were to watch us, would I book us?

This got me to thinking: What makes a good cover band? 

If these two clients were impressed and we had a lot of other positive unsolicited feedback – but we were still feeling flat, what did they like about us.

Was it the diverse range of songs we played?

Was it the variety of instruments we have in our cover band?

Was it the fact that a male and female shared the lead vocals?

Was it the skill of the guitarist?

Did the rhythm section work well together?

Was it that the vocalists actually sang on key!?

Did the keyboardist solo brilliantly?

Was the female very attractive – she thinks this was it…! (or maybe one of the males??!)

Did the PA system impress them and the sound that it produced?

Was it because we didn’t take a break for too long between sets?

Was it that the vocalists harmonized well with each other and their voices worked well together?

Did they like the lights that the band brought to the gig?

Was it because members of the cover band were approachable and friendly?

Did they like how the two vocalists worked together and interacted with the crowd?

Was it a combination of two or more of the above?

I remember hearing another Canberra cover band saying that “it didn’t matter what or how you play, the audience usually has no idea!” I don’t agree. I think most people have a reasonable idea about what sounds good and what doesn’t, and have a better idea than we do at what they like and what they want from their entertainment!

What do you think? If anyone has any idea or comment on what makes a good cover band, we’d love to hear it!