Wedding music or music to dance to?!

TS6 Wedding Music to fill the dancefloor

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TS6 philosophy on wedding music or music you can dance to.

Going out to watch live music is something members of TS6 like to do and if you are reading this, you probably enjoy doing the same thing.
There are a lot of good bands in Canberra and we have seen most of them!  One thing we have noticed however with the majority is their choice of music. With all bands there are the “standards” that you will hear no matter what! For example, TS6 will buy you a beer if you can find a band that doesn’t play “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder (check out his live version – it’s awesome).
So playing standards as wedding music is fine but the only wedding music we play is the music that fits into the philosophy of The Silky Six….which is;
  • We want to be the band that plays different stuff to just the standard.
  • We don’t want to be a band like all of the others.
  • But most importantly, the music we play, should be easy to dance to!
So when we go out and watch other bands we scratch our heads at some of their choices of songs. The song may well be a great song, but it is not easy to dance to! We like to put ourselves in the “shoes” of the people that come to see us play. We want to make it easy for people to get up and dance! There is nothing worse than seeing the boyfriend/husband/male escort dragged onto the dance floor by their girlfriend/wife/ female escort and them floundering to a song they can’t dance to. Trust us, we understand we are not the most coordinated people, but even the least coordinated people should be able to dance to your wedding music!
 This is the reason why we choose the songs we choose. This is also a reason why we formed this band  and the line up (musicians in the band) – to play songs different from the norm.  So when we say we will fill the dance floor from start to finish – we mean it!
But – In case you are concerned and want to take a few lessons before grooving to the next lot of wedding music you hear, and in case you haven’t yet seen this video by the Black Keys – do it! This guy could dance to wedding music the likes of which no band would play – for instance Pachelbel’s Cannon in D…!
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TS6 wedding music dance floor filling