One song could change your life!

Have you thought about how you might pop the question?

Could you narrow your choice down to one wedding song?

SILK Entertainment received a booking for a gig which had us all scratching our heads at one point. Was it an authentic request? One song? What good would one song do?… Apparently a world of good for these two!

As it turns out, this was a wedding song – well sort of – it was for a proposal, and here is how it unfolded…

The Set Up:

David and AJ would learn a song they didn’t know because it was particularly significant for the couple. Said couple, would be picnicking by the Lake and David and AJ, would come along and bring with them a well thought out back story!

The Process:

They showed up bumbling and fumbling about. They gesticulated and pointed to icons that might make a good backdrop for a poorly recorded university assignment. They made a strong performance (mostly AJ – and I’ll come back to this later) of the phone not standing upright on it’s own. They huffed and puffed at what they would do to get that “top shot” they were looking for with just a guitar case to rest the phone on.

Finally, the pair sheepishly asked a “random” couple who were picnicking in the vicinity if they would be kind enough to help them out. They needed to film just one song for their university assignment – it wouldn’t take long! This had to be cleverly aimed to ensure the female half of “picnicking couple” would agree to film and actually take the phone – after all, we can’t forget that groom-to-be wanted to propose on bended knee!

She agreed to film. They played. She filmed. Groom-to-be waited. She must have been delighted with their song choice! She continued to film as he sank to one knee…

The Result:

You see the phone dropping as she keeps looking sideways wondering what on earth the love of her life is doing next to her… and as he eloquently asks her if she will “Hang with me…

We call him the love of her life, because we know this to be true. The rest, is history! Take a look and find out what happens when you employ SILK to act as unprepared and disorganised university students to perform the one song that will change your life forever!**

**As a side note, David has mentioned that he’s performed hundreds of gigs in his singing career. He loves to throw in a bit of acting here and there (one of his nicknames – self given -is “Hollywood”). He has since admitted that he was glad AJ was there to step in because he cannot remember ever being as nervous as he was before singing this song. It meant so much to that picnicking couple, and as it turns out, it meant a great deal to us too!

Thanks “picnicking couple” – SILK