About us

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SILK is the most affordable quality wedding, party and corporate event band in Canberra.

We have brought live music to Canberra and the surrounding regions for over a decade and love performing.

Be it your own special day, an addition to your work function, charity event or other special occasion, SILK offers a unique level of musicianship, entertainment and repertoire. Our trained and experienced musicians, including graduates of the ANU School of Music, guarantee a top quality product at an affordable rate. We can offer an acoustic trio for ambience, a jazz trio to create atmosphere over dinner, and a six-piece, dance floor-filling party band playing all the greatest hits from the 60’s through to today’s modern music. SILK even has the capacity to add brass to take it to the next level!

Personalised packages

SILK is suited to grand stages and intimate rooms alike. Unlike bands with agents, you can book directly with us or find and follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates. We care about our product, and work closely with you to find the right music for your event.

SILK can provide MC services and smaller ensembles to suit your needs, and we pride ourselves on our versatility and ability to create the right mood throughout your event. As you will see from our reviews, we understand what works and will customise an entertainment package to suit any occasion. We look forward to talking with you about how we can tailor a package specific to your event.

An introduction to SILK

SILK Entertainment event band vocalistColette (vocals)
Singing and harmonising for as long as she can remember, Colette is a natural entertainer. She offers depth to SILK vocals with her unique harmonies. Colette performed with Mid-Life Crisis and Mr Lincoln, and theatre goers may have spotted her in Canberra Philo’s production of Chicago.
SILK Entertainment event band vocalistDavid (vocals)
David has been singing all his life. His vocal talent lends itself to rock n’ roll and crooning alike. David has been appraised as having “dulcet tones” and that was the name of his first band. He’s also performed in Canberra duo Lip Service, 80’s Haircut and as lead vocalist of Satin Kohl.
SILK Entertainment event band vocalist and bass manAJ (bass/guitar/vocals)
Having previously played rhythm guitar in Satin Kohl, AJ plays guitar in SILK’s acoustic line up. He enjoys the challenge a change to bass offers in the six-piece band and shows his versatility with his exceptional vocal sound. AJ has also been writing and performing his own music for a number of years.
Satra (guitar)
Satra studied music at both CIT and the ANU. Fronting his own band: Nic Cage and the Bad Seats, Satra keeps busy composing music, having just completed a yet-to-be-released soundtrack to a video game “My Pet Grim”. Satra is fond of the Japanese musician Taeko Ohnuki.
Jonah (keyboard)
Ever since he can remember, Jonah has loved to make musical noises with whatever is available. His passion for music has landed him playing keys with SILK Entertainment, working with the groovy sounds of organ, piano and clav.
Jonah also writes, records and performs his own music and plays  regularly around Canberra with a number of groups, including Jonah Myers and the Monah Jyers, Triply, and Muddy Wolfe.
SILK Entertainment event band drummerJamal (drums)
Along with drumsticks, Jamal holds a Bachelor of Music from the ANU.
Jamal has performed for many years in and around Canberra and brings a wealth of rhythm and experience to the SILK line up. He has a unique approach to drumming, and his talent for listening and bringing the band together adds depth to SILK’s quality sound.